Conditions patients and healthcare professionals treat using our services

Weight loss & maintenance

Hypertension & cardiovascular


Cholesterol & lipid problems

Reprogramming eating habits

Liver fat

Type 2 diabetes insulin resistance

Regain energy and clarity


Post & pre aesthetic surgery

Post & pre bariatric surgery

Post & pre operation recovery

We provide the most comprehensive range of support and services for weight management success.

Meal plans and special replacement

Blood testingand monitoring

Personalised healthcare report

Bio clinical weight maintenance


Bio clinical

Medication monitoring and management

Meal planning and compliance


Motivation tracking and management


Physical activity tracking

We provide the most extensive service for clinical weight management.
Our products and solutions help manage all aspects of weight related health conditions at all stages from weight loss to weight management. Start taking the first steps towards the new you and better healthcare..

Dietpal™ where happy healthy lifestyle begins
  • Dietpal Programme helps you take control
  • Personal Healthcare mentor
  • Digital tools to help you
  • Meal planning and medications management
  • Special Bio Clinical Chefs menus that work with the body and brain
  • Bio Clinical weight maintenance - keep and stay healthy for life
  • Support system locally and lots more
The end of yoyo dieting, never worry about putting on weight again.

Greater chances of long term success
  • The only providers of Bio Clinical Weight Maintenance™
  • The most comprehensive, hands on clinical support short, medium and long term.
  • Specialised Bio Clinical Chefs, menus and products for carb replacement