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Our History

Our management team has helped the largest pharmaceutical brands globally to promote and deliver healthcare towards patients. It has been with the knowledge and experience that Bio Medical Diet was created. Our company has been developed from the need to provide healthcare providers and their clients finest tried and tested solutions. We promote only solutions that provide results and are backed by clinical evidence and research. We help our medical and healthcare clients provide the highest quality Bio Medical Dietal services to their patients without compromise in quality, support and service. Our products and services are built with only companies and partners that have long tradition and experience in the clinical management of weight related healthcare conditions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every healthcare service provider and patient with the best support, infrastructure, products, tools and technology to manage weight related healthcare conditions.

Our Vision

We see individuals, families, communities, healthcare systems and governments facing future crisis both socially and economically due to the direct and indirect effects of weight related healthcare conditions. Our vision is to provide solutions to empower all stakeholders to make change possible.


Equality, fair access, belief in human health motivation, delivery of the best available choices, passion, collaboration, innovation, efficiency, respect for individuals and research.

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