About our method and how it works

Our unique Weight Management Programmes are personalised for each individual depending on their personal goals and health conditions and are provided under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

Healthcare Report

Medical Monitoring

Easy to Follow

Nutritional Monitoring

Control Your Eating Habits

Diabetes Prescription Management

The start of your programme

Every patient is different, so our starting point for diabetes remission is tailored around the health condition of each patient. Our healthcare team will carry out the following tests, assessments and reviews:

Based on all the factors patients will be given a program and plan with constant monitoring, communication and reviews to ensure maximum success.

Healthcare Report

Our weight management programmes work with the support of a healthcare professional. However if you prefer that we work with your healthcare professional that’s no problem, simply inform us and we will set them up with all the essential set of diagnostic tools for managing your weight loss and nutritional reprogramming.

In your first consultation a healthcare assessment will be carried out and you will be provided with a 30 page detailed personalised healthcare report on your health assessment. This report is personalised to your result and provide information on the best way to manage your diabetes remission.

Medical Monitoring

We provide a “Diabetes Management Team” approach with every patient. With our service every patient is supported by a healthcare professional, our Bio Medical Diet head office patient management team, a healthcare referral network and the latest technology to monitor all your health activities.

We provide all our patients with industry leading cutting edge communication technology to monitor:

  • - Blood test results
  • - BMI
  • - Weight
  • - Calorie intake
  • - Water
  • - Body mass
  • - Fluid intake
  • - Blood pressure
  • - Glucose
  • - Cholesterol
  • - Hydration
  • - Food consumption
  • - Sleep activity
  • - VO2 Max
  • - Meal tracking
Easy to Follow

Patient first is the way we work, every patient is different, from personal, genetic and biological and the time they have to manage a programme during their day. It is with this in mind that we have developed food products and medical protocols that work with your body functions and also help in dealing with certain medical conditions that are "easy-to-stick-to", tried and tested and provide great results.

Your Diabetes remission program will depend on your personal healthcare condition. Depending on the starting stage you have been selected to use, your diabetes management programme will include medication review, a variable number of the highest nutritional value and quality protein foods mixed with the highest quality low- carbohydrate products available. Over time improved blood results our healthcare professionals will gradually combine other ordinary foods for re-education and reprogramming of eating habits to create a lost lasting solution for your diabetes management goals.

Nutritional Monitoring

Depending on the starting phase selected, your typical menu will include a variable number of high nutritional value, high-protein and low-carbohydrate products plus other ordinary foods that we will help you rediscover.

Throughout your Bio Medical Diet programme we will be there to support you at every step with our healthcare professionals and our head office team to ensure that:

  • - Menus that work with your daily life
  • - Carb alternatives for sugar addiction
  • - You do not have a diet relapse
  • - You remain health
  • - Maintain your muscle mass
  • - Have easier ketogenic weight loss experience
  • - Re programme and re-educate your eating habits for the long term
Control Your Eating Habits

We have provide tasty sweet and carb alternatives for nutritional so that you do not feel you are missing out on your favourite treats. Along with your meal plans you will be provided with selected products that have been scientifically developed for the management of weight loss and related conditions and symptoms to ensure that the patient has an effective and manageable weight loss programme.

Diabetes Remission Maintenance

More than 95% of people that lose weight have a weight gain relapse and regain all the weight, in many cases they actually put on more weight than they have lost. This leads to the diabetes reaching previous level and higher for patients. At our diabetes clinic we provide the leading diabetes remission maintenance programme to reduce and eliminate metabolic related medication for the long term.

Once you have reach your desired diabetes management goals you will be moniter by our nutritional body reprogramming and re-education. Here we will provide you with all tools and support to track and monitor your progress with a specialist food programme that will offer you alternative foods to replace carbs that will cause a weight gain and increase in your glucose levels. Our diabetes clinic services will be providing continuous education and ideas to keep you on track to a healthy life style. We reduce healthcare cost for the patients and healthcare organizations.