Reverses type 2 diabetes

We can reverse Type 2 diabetes
using our clinically-proven method

We provide clinical diabetic solutions that are tried, trusted and used by leading world class doctors.

We empower doctors and patients with leading integrated healthcare solutions to enable them to take control and reverse type 2 diabetes. Our solutions reduce and eliminate expensive direct and indirect medication and healthcare costs for healthcare organisations and patients.

Trusted by Experts
Proven Clinical Research
Followed by leading doctors
The Facts behind our diabetic solution
Our highly experienced team provide solutions based on independent clinical studies and years of medical research.

Lowering Prescription Medication and Healthcare Costs


Of participants had their medications stopped


Average HbA1c
glucose levels


Average that resulted diabetes in remission

With our treatment we can reverse diabetes and improve your health and wellbeing
Liver Fat Reduction

Average reduction in liver fat, improvement in NAFLD.

Insulin Sensitivity

Average improvement in insulin resistance

Triglycerides Reduction

Reduce the risk of heart attack, heart disease and stroke

We help improve your diabetes for Life
Leading healthcare professionals follow our diabetes program because it not only reverses diabetes but also provides a long term solutions which helps maintain the improved health condition. We provide a specialist diabetes remission activation clinical service followed by diabetes remission maintenance programTM

Diabetes Assessment

Personalised Diabetic Plan

Diabetic Maintenance

Regular Reviews

Diabetes remission activation serviceTM

  • Detailed body scan
  • Personal Healthcare report
  • Planning and preperation
  • Food and medication
  • Monitoring services
  • Nutritional and medical support
  • Motivational assistance
  • Personalised around individual
  • Blood tests

Diabetes remission maintenance serviceTM

  • Body scan reviews / updates
  • Healthcare report reviews
  • Reintroduction of carbs service
  • Alternative food supply and guidance
  • Carb food alternatives
  • Medication reviews
  • Exercise planning
  • On going monitoring
  • Regular blood monitoring

Specially designed diabetes remission programmes developed to help you at each stage to guarantee long term health improvement and lower healthcare costs.

What diabetes can do to your body
The early signs and symptoms of diabetes and what the road ahead can lead to if untreated
How do i start my diabetic programme
Start your journey to a new healthy life in 3 simple steps
Step 1

Book an appointment with our healthcare consultant to start your programme

Step 2

Our weight management team member will evaluate which step is right for you

Step 3

Start your programme with world class monitoring, advice, education and motivation


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