Dietpal™ helping people
take control of their
Comprehensive healthy lifestyle management service

We create happy lives by empowering healthy lives

We providing a leading and comprehensive lifestyle management service using state of the art technology, remote testing, dietary advice and a personal healthcare mentor

Helping you manage your diet
  • We help you maintain and sustain health by eating better long term.
  • Expert support to help you manage your diet, re-educating you on better eating habits.
  • Specialist Bio Clinical Chef, provides menu that help improve with your health conditions and body.
  • Learning what to eat and when to eat, introduction of recipes and foods to manage and place type 2 diabetes into remission and more.
Digital Healthcare Mentor
  • Receive specialised support from a healthcare mentor to help you manage your health, weight, motivation and wellbeing.
  • Get help when you need it the most to make sure you stay on track and keep the weight off are never alone during your weight loss journey.
  • Share your thoughts and feelings with your personal health coach to stay motivated when times get tough.

We look at what is happening inside your body with Bio Clinical Weight maintenance

Type 2 diabetes insulin resistance

Hypertension & cardiovascular

Cholesterol & lipid problems




Vitamin deficiency

Hormone Imbalance

We test your blood to identify your levels of key healthcare markers and deliver these results within 24hours. You will receive personalised recipes designed by our specialist bio clinical chef to help you improve your health based on your health condition.

Medication Management with Dietpal™
  • Keep track of everything, see what's working and what is not
  • Our unique technology helps you make more accurate and informed choices
  • Provided valuable feed back to your progress to healthcare professional
  • Dietpal tracks and records everything important to your health
  • Meals, blood, activity, motivation and more
DietPal™ features & healthcare solutions
Health coach
  • 1-1 personal dedicated coach
  • Online and telephone support with invitation to meeting seminars
  • Experienced and trusted with healthcare services
Education plus
  • Digital diabetes education programme
  • Nutritional science education, news and information
  • How to manage lifestyle and stress management
  • Healthy food preparation and recipes
  • Access to our specialist bio clinical chef
  • Recipes recommended based on your health condition
Healthcare monitoring
  • Blood testing to evaluate your biomarkers at starting point
  • Digital diabetes monitoring
  • Healthcare assessment and report
Bio clinical monitoring
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment Evaluating your diabetes risk, kidney function, liver function and cholesterol levels
  • Optional: Evaluate your vitamin, mineral and hormone levels.
Medication monitoring
  • Digital medication management
  • Track diet progress and medication effect
  • Track medication compliance and any side effects during dieting
Diabetes remission
  • Detailed education on prevention and remission
  • Hb1Ac tracking and special diabetic remission menus
  • Referral and local support programme
Motivation monitoring
  • Digital tools to track motivation
  • Personal calls and support from your health coach
  • Psychological monitoring, referral and local support programme
Weight maintenance
  • Healthy food education, relapse prevention education and relapse healthcare mentor for long term success.
  • Swap the carbs programme
  • Specialist bio clinical weight maintenance
Meal plans
  • Specialist range of meal replacements both solids and liquids (optional)
  • Plan and schedule your meals in advance
  • Track daily calories, carbs, sugars and fats
Lifestyle activity
  • Digital compliance for physical activity, healthy eating, medication and food consumed
  • Hydration, nutritional and sleep tracking
  • Diabetes and blood pressure monitoring
  • Local referral and management if required by a healthcare professional
  • Beyond digital - face 2 face meetings
  • Ability to upgrade to full service plans