As you get older, your risk of developing the following conditions increases.
As a senior you may already be experiencing one or more of the conditions listed.









Heart disease

High cholesterol

Weight loss


You can reduce your risk of developing the healthcare conditions above by improving your lifestyle.




We help you improve your health by allowing you to understand your current internal health better. By tracking your internal biomarkers, a health care professional is able to recommend you tailored advice on improving your internal health using nutrition and by increasing activity.

How It Works


Antioxidants play a key role in the ageing process. We use the latest, Nobel prize wining technology to check your levels of antioxidants and deliver the results almost instantly.


Next we perform comprehensive clinical blood and DNA testing to evaluate key healthcare markers that give you a clearer insight into your internal health and help you know what action to take.


Our specialist healthcare professionals will provide you with personalised support and guidance to help you take action in leading a healthier life in order to improve your internal health.

Step 1
First we evaluate your levels of antioxidents using our industry leading, cutting edge clinical services

We use nobel prize winning technology to evaluate your levels of antioxidants which are important in optimising your health.

Our patented BioPhotonic scanners allow you to track your lifestyle improvements in a quick, easy and non-invasive way to provide you with an instant, personalised score depending on your antioxidant status.

Your personalised score provides an insight into the following factors which are associated with the ageing process.

Dietary habits
Supplement intake
Lifestyle choices
Body composition
Sun exposure
Pollution exposure
Smoke exposure
Low carotenoid absorption
What your score means
Dietary Habits

Low intake of fruits/vegetables

Moderate intake of fruits/vegetables

Above average intake of fruits/vegetables

Supplement Intake

Irregular or no supplementation

Regular supplementation

Dedicated supplementation

Lifestyle Choices

High stress
High sun, pollution, or smoke exposure
Frequent air travel

Moderate stress
Moderate sun, pollution or smoke exposure
Occasional air travel

Low/managed stress
Occasional sun, pollution, or smoke exposure
Infrequent air travel

Body Composition

Low intake of fruits/vegetables

Moderate intake of fruits/vegetables

Above average intake of fruits/vegetables

Step 2

Your blood and DNA can tell us a lot about the health of your body. By identifying your levels of key markers you can find out if they are in a healthy range or whether they need to be improved.

Comprehensive blood and DNA testing to evaluate key markers associated with your health.

Healthcare markers we evaluate that provide insight into your internal health.

Diabetes risk

Kidney Function

Liver function

Vitamin levels

Mineral levels

Thyroid function

Female hormones

Male hormones

Inflammation levels


We work with specialist laboratories which use the latest technology to analyse your blood. For this reason, we only require a few drops of blood which can be obtained from a finger prick - removing the need for large, unpleasant needles.

How it works

Collect Sample
We send you an easy-to-use kit to collect your blood sample.
Post Sample
Post your sample to our lab in the prepaid envelope provided.
View Results
View results securely in your own personal dashboard.
Step 3

Receive personalised recommendations based on your blood, DNA and lifestyle to improve your health.